Monday, May 16, 2011

A Canal to the Greek Isles

The worlds largest raw fish smelling maze
So our next stop on our trip was Venice. After close to nine hours of trains we were ready to arrive in the fabled city of water. After roaming the maze they call streets we were so moved that we booked a ferry to Greece for the next day.
This is why people write about Greece
The 26hr mini cruise took us across the astonishing Adriatic Sea to Corfu. We arrived expecting to see a shuttle to take us to our hostel, but was greeted instead by a parking lot full of overzealous taxi cabs. A nice lady allowed me to use her cell phone to contact our hostel. The hostess that answered the phone mumbled something about it being Easter and said we should take a taxi. Upon arriving we realized that the Greeks quite love Easter and the mumble over the phone was a result of the free flowing wine. It was fine though because any frustration we had lingering from the journey instantly melted away as soon as we saw the view from the patio.
I am kinda a big deal...I own many leather bound books

The hostel we stayed at was run by an amazing family that would treat us all to a delicious home cooked meal every night. They insisted that the only way to truly taste the flavors of the meal was to have the wine they made. This lead to a many of late nights of story telling and laughter.

We woke up one morning and realized we had been here for close to a week and decided it was time to move on. We said our good byes and left to head back to Italy and continue our trip. Next up is the home to the Renaissance, Florence!

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