Thursday, April 14, 2011

All "Seine"s point to Paris

A childlike wonder

After a restful 8hr bus ride from London we arrived in Paris. We only got confused about 20 times finding out hostel, so we are getting better. Like any self respecting man we ran to the Louve jumping with excitement the next morning. I had heard alot of talk about the size of the Louve, but I was still not prepared for just how much they had there. Obviously we visited the more popular pieces.
If you look closely you can see Tom Hanks with a bad haircut in the background

"I'm kind of a big deal"
I'm your Venus, I'm your fire! Your desire!
I could write about the Louve for the whole post, but there is a lot more to cover. Upon leaving the Louve we noticed the Arc de Triomphe. It didn't seem that far so we decided to walk over and get some pictures. Turns out Paris is quite flat and that it was a brisk 5 miles away or so.

A normal person would call it a day after that, but not us. We figured that the Eiffel tower shouldn't be far so we started to walking towards it.

Another couple of miles later we were there. It was a bit surreal to sit there and look up at the very tower you see in movies or ads all the time.
The most famous phallus in France!
Upon arriving home we found out the internet was out and living up to Victor Hugo's quote, "To err is human. To loaf is Parisian" It stayed broken the entire time we were there. So blame the French for the blog being delayed.

The next day we decided to embrace the culture and went to cafe for coffee and a croissant. With the coffee, croissant, scarf and Norte Dame in view, I could swear Pepe le Pew was right around the corner. We finished our coffee and headed to Norte Dame. At the point we have visited a good deal of churches, but nothing like this. The stained glass and vaulted ceilings were captivating.

God showed up!
The church had set out chairs and played soft choral music. We sat down and took in all the church had to offer. After leaving the holy church we decided to the only real thing to do is go see the Moulin Rouge.
Boobs and stuff.

It was a pretty quick view of Paris, but we were ready to head to the sun and beaches of Barcelona. That is a different post though. Till next time.


  1. LOL! Love the last caption...."Boobs and Stuff". Gave me a good chuckle. Also, what's up with the dude in the Moulin Rouge picture? The one riding the funky scooter. With the helmet, sitting up all straight with the ice chest looking thing on the back. Weirdness.

  2. There are guys like that all over here. They love their mopeds. If I had the ice chest on the back I would probably lean back as well.

  3. I'm surprised they let riffraff like you into the culture zenith that is the Louve.

    Norte Dame looks amazing.