Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Much Needed Bath

So can Red Bull.

Okay, A few things first. I know it has been awhile since the last update, but time and internet are becoming an increasingly rare thing. Our hostel in Paris (wait for it, you will hear about Paris soon) decided to lie about their Wi-Fi access.

We temporary left London for Bath. It was a short ride west of London where we got to see some country side and as always....more sheep.

"This is the song that never ends..."

Bath is pretty well known for being the home of Jane Austen. Yeah, that's right, eat your heart girls. On a slightly more masculine note, it is also close to Stonehenge. Our hostel provided a free ride to Stonehenge and being the thrifty fellows we are, we took them up on it.
New construction site for a strip mall.

I never thought a couple of rocks would interest me so much. There is a kinda mystical feeling about the stones. We found out from our guide that Bath is essentially the Roswell of England, so I suppose the mystical feeling is appropriate.
Get off your cell phone.

Our time in Bath would best be described as relaxing. It is hard not to be relaxed when you can casually walk to a park and have a river gently running across rocks.

After leaving Bath we returned to London to meet up with our friend Sebastian. You will hear more about him in good time. One last description. There was a guy in front of us on the bus home from a night out in London. He entertained me for the better part of an hour. He sat down and I noticed he was listening to Whitney Houston and we was into it. He waved his arms around and really felt her music. I couldn't tell what else he was listening to, but I have to assume it was the Burlesque soundtrack. Oh, and his pants were tight enough that he could probably match the highest note of his favorite diva. With that I leave you. Enjoy.
Tank crossing is a serious issue in rural England.


  1. The humor in this blog made my day! I could imagine the two of you joking back and forth while putting the blog together. "A much needed Bath," is most likely a valid caption for a couple of backpackers! Loved it! Thanks for taking the time to entertain and inform your readers about your adventure! Spence, the scarf is a nice touch! Love you both and miss you too!

  2. A little known fact, Stonehenge is stained with the blood of scarf wearing, cellphone using tourists.