Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dublin on St. Patty's

Well we are in Dublin. I must say, these people know how to have a good time. I mean really know how. It was the most impressive Thursday ever. Even the kids got in the action. In fact, most of the people we saw on the streets were teenagers. While on the subject of Irish teenagers, I must say that the advertising guy for Adias deserves a raise. Every teenage guy we saw was wearing adias pants and jackets. Made them pretty easy to spot, well that and the drinking in public.

We all have heard how crazy St Patty's day in Ireland, they were wrong. It is insane. They had to close down most of the city center and even then there were streets completely covered with people.

Despite all the people i never found a leprechaun, until the bus ride back home. It was perfect. He had the long red hair, the thick accent and when he sat on the bus seat his feet didn't touch the floor. It was perfect.

Overall we got to see a lot of places today. We saw some of the more well known places, Christ Church, Dublin castle, and ..... temple bar. Mom if your reading, disregard the last one. Anyway, Dublin is an amazing city and I'm one day in and I feel like i have seen a ton. Well I'm running on like 4hrs of sleep for the past 48hrs so I'm signing off. Till next time.

Wait, real quick. We also saw the worlds largest dog. Seriously.


  1. Whoo hoo! Safe landing and a kickin' St. Patty's day! So glad you guys are having fun - drink lots of water. Love ya'll!

  2. No joke about the water. Yesterday we walked all over Dublin and i was dying of thirst. It is getting better each day though. Love you too.