Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For Those About to Rock, We Salute You

"Slappa da bass"
We saw this bad ass at the Botanical gardens near Queen University. In attempts to get into the slower pace of life here we lounged around the garden for a long time. Probably creeped out some of the locals, but what are you gonna do? It is strange to me to see some much greenery even in the winter. If I lived there I think i could easily visit there daily.

Earlier in the day we went for a city hall tour. The architecture and history behind the building was just amazing to me. As the guide pointed out a number of times, the Titanic was built in the Belfast shipyards and they had a number of artifacts from the ship. While being amazed by all the history is well and good, we have to have some fun too.

We also came across our second leprechaun sighting of the trip...AND we got pictures. Not only was he (it?) on our tour, but later that night while we were at the pub he came hopping in like any leprechaun worth his weight.

A Baby GAP spokesperson.
Speaking of pubs, I've had a question asked about the beer and whiskey. The beer is surprisingly cold when dispensed through the taps and the whiskey is great. When I ordered a whiskey and coke the bartender asked me if I wanted coke and i must have given him a look that said "stop asking stupid questions" because he immediately put in in the glass.

One of the more famous (read: expensive) pubs in Belfast.
While we were roaming around the streets we noticed a lot of people looking up and yelling. As any reasonable person would, we assumed there was a jumper, but actually people were repelling down a hotel. Why, we don't know, but it is the Irish and I don't think the needs reasons to do anything.

Who needs mountains when you have a hotel?
As of now, we are on a ferry leaving Ireland and heading to Scotland. One country down, 16 to go. Well this post is getting a bit long and I am dangerously close to a ranting stage so I'm signing off. To all those reading, rock on.
"The sea was angry that day; like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli." - George Constanza

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  1. I hadn't counted on such jealousy to well up inside me when seeing and hearing of your journey. Ah well. Just remember who paved the road that led you there!

    I miss you guys so much. I keep fighting the urge to call you on my way home as usual. So glad you are having fun...still wish I was there though!