Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Hangover with Kilts

I have heard some crazy bachelor stories in my day, but we should hang our American heads in shame based on what you can see every 5 minutes here. I don't expect to see so many cross dressed guys until Amsterdam. A bachelor party back home is maybe ten guys, not so in Scotland. The bachelor must invite every guy he has ever met. A group of around 30 guys will be out essentially heckling the groom relentlessly.

One afternoon I decided to visit the scotch distillery here and walked into the sight of a groom in a clear plastic tuxedo in his underwear.

PG courtesy of the bar
I'm pretty sure they were all drunk too and considering this was around noon, it must have started in the morning.... or possibly the night before. Either way, impressive.

The next day as Dave and myself sat on the square we joked about dressing the groom in a flowing dress. About thirty seconds after that we were blessed with this gem.
Searching for his glass slipper

Several minutes after that...
Trust me, it's better blurry

And again...


Point of the story: NEVER have a Scottish best man.

Oh, and we are leaving on a night bus to London later tonight. Nothing says comfort like a packed 9 hour bus ride.


  1. That is certainly the best entertainment of the day! What's going on with the woman dressed in black except the RED heels? Is that her way of joining the festivities? I'm so glad you made this blog! Your trip is seems utterly breath taking and quite the adventure!
    . . . .still jealous :) but glad to hear how much fun your having :D

  2. It looks like Superbald was close to a hen party - that feather boa, the uber full white skirt and cheap blonde wig...I'm thinking the ladies of Scotland know how to ring in a wedding too!

  3. Nah, Superbald is watching that group of rifraff right in front of him.

    Hope you are having fun Pete.

  4. Yes, it is true that the Hen parties dress up, but the whole group dress up. The Stag parties just dress up the guy and humiliate him. The picture of superbald was taken right after her took a picture with the Hen party.